Off-airport biometric ID authentication Contactless self-service touchpoints Biometrics held securely to facilitate expedited arrivals upon return to the UK. Biometric enabled departure journey Remote Screening Data Driven Differentiated Screening Automated Pedestrian Queue Management Secondary Screening for EDS Resolution Decentralised Security Screening Centralised Passenger Profile (Security & Health) Self-Cleaning Automated Tray Return System and Tray Health Status Automated Loading Removal of passenger information screens to avoid congregation Reduced time in lounge Onward baggage transit Passengers Held Off-Airport Passengers Held On-Stand Tailored Just In Time Journeys Click & Collect Retail Model Live Busyness of Restaurants Tailored boarding times Passenger Automated Journey Off-Airport ID and use of ID Services (IDaaS) PASS2 and IDMT Passenger Queue Management / Flow Passenger Queue Measurement Security Search Areas Passenger Flows Security Search Data Driven Differentiated Screening Cross Border Booked Return Sterile Terminal Exceptions Handling Processes Staff & Cargo Screening Elevated Body Temperature Screening Health Status Checks