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In the current climate how can we support you to plan for current challenges and future opportunities? At Atkins we have a suite of digital tools that allow us to carry out analysis of the campus remotely and a range of skills and experience to explore and identify these opportunities.

Data Visualisation Platform

We have developed a new analysis platform that combines your campus plans with your existing data – including HESA return data. The platform graphically illustrates the performance of several criteria essential to the success of an estate, including functional space utilisation, condition and energy use. Combing this data into a single platform allows it to be visualised and interrogated in greater depth through a simple-to-use interface that you can access from your own devices. Through effective structuring of datasets this information can be visually represented by individual building, faculty or department both at a single moment or across a period of time.

Human Centred Design

Great student and staff experience are at the heart of a successful university estate strategy, but one-size doesn’t fit all. Our suite of tools to support a human-centred design approach is initiated with an interactive web-based survey to engage with a broad spectrum of building users and commissioning teams to establish their specific priorities relating to their day to day activities with a specific emphasis on physical and mental wellbeing. The data collected can be used to create a range of ‘personas’ to provide a more in-depth understanding of the university community. In these current unprecedented times, we feel that a tool that encourages engagement with staff and students remotely, yet in a meaningful way, has real value for current and future planning.

Contextual Geospatial Analysis

Most university estates hold an important connection into the wider community, whether this is an urban university or a campus setting. Our geospatial analysis techniques can provide a more in-depth understanding of how this context can influence or be influenced by the university estate. Unlocking big data through geospatial mapping provides the opportunity to examine socioeconomic trends of students as well as the local community, local geospatial trends such as property ownership, inter-modal transport connections, and pinpoint exact areas of opportunity for further development.

Getting virtual eyes on the physical estate

As well as our desk-based tools, we have the ability to provide observations and surveys of your existing buildings, including the use of drones. Using the drone surveys, we’re able to produce a 3D scan of the building through a Revit model which provides us with a high-resolution 3D view of the estate. We have a well-developed series of safeguards to ensure that these surveys can be undertaken safely at this present time, in order to ensure continuity and avoid delay.


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For more information on Atkins suite of remote digital tools that can assess the campus space use and how you might realise the broader potential of the estate please feel free to contact:

John Ridgett
(Associate Director - HE Sector Lead
London + South East)

0207121 2567