Important Survey: your opportunity to inform the Rail Sector’s official response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

As you know these are extraordinary times for every sector of business and the rail sector’s supply chain, a key pillar of the UK’s infrastructure, is no different – we are all seeing and feeling some pretty seismic changes which we need to properly understand if we are able to respond and aid recovery.

To enable us to understand how we move from today’s crisis to tomorrow’s recovery, the Rail Supply Group (RSG), whose aim is to strengthen the capability and competitiveness of the UK rail supply chain to grow business at home and abroad and includes members from key senior representatives drawn from across the rail supply chain, including clients, providers, Government and key rail bodies and partners has formed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Taskforce, with an agreed Terms of Reference.

The RSG has been invited by Government to respond and develop a clear path from the current crisis to achieve the fullest, fastest and best recovery for the rail sector.

To do this well we need your help – so, together we can better understand the current outlook and how best to “lean in” - along with the type of support that will help to get you and the sector back on its feet as quickly as possible.

An independent wide-scale research survey is being conducted by Savanta: ComRes on behalf of the RSG. We believe the survey will provide valuable insights to steer our current and future work. An accompanying open letter explaining our position and why the survey is needed is available here {add web url}

The survey should be completed by a key executive or decision maker in your organisation, noting the final deadline for completion is Monday 18 May at 17.00 hours. You can find out more information from xxx (add web url). Thank you for your support – we will be in touch over the next few weeks to publish our response.

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